China\'s newly opened luxury hotel offers \'filtered air\' as a perk

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A newly opened hotel in China has found a new tactic to lure customers: providing purified air.

The city of Shanghai in China is one of the most polluted in the country and has reported a nine percent increase in the PM2.5 level over one year. PM2.5 are tiny particles, smaller than 2.5 microns, which can get trapped in the lungs and bloodstream and prove fatal in a long run.

Worryingly, entering the hotel or houses also don』t provide much respite as the particles can enter the house with the air.

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The Luxurious Cordis Shanghai in Hongqiao has installed a two-layer purification system and it keeps the windows closed all the time. The hotel claims that the air inside the hotel is at least 10 times purer than the air outside.

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「I think back to the days when everyone used to charge for the internet,」 John O』Shea, managing director of Cordis Shanghai, Hongqiao, told The Guardian.

「Now the internet’s like hot water – if you don』t have high speed, fast, easy-access internet for free, then it’s over. The indoor air quality is going to be like that too – if you can』t guarantee your customers much better air quality than the competitors, it’s going to be a fait accompli. It’s already getting that kind of importance.」

Though it is not just China where hotels are using clean air as perks. EIH Ltd which operates Oberoi and Trident brand of luxury hotels has also installed air purification system in the iconic Oberoi, New Delhi which was reopened in January this year.


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