Do I need a student status to enter an international school?

Based on the Beijing admission policy in 2019, Hong Kong universities and combined with the results of previous consultations with multiple district education committees and international schools, talk to parents who will be enrolled in 2020. related information.

First, there are 4 basic questions about student status.

Question 1 How can I obtain my student status?

Each May, the Beijing Municipal Education Commission will open a website to collect information on children who entered school that year. Parents need to fill in the materials inside. To understand simply, the purpose of information collection is to allow children to obtain "student status." For parents who want to obtain "student status", the information must be collected within the specified time that year. After collecting the information, the school admitted your child, and the child obtained a unique "student registration number" unique to him. This number is universal.

Question 2: What is the use of student status?

"Student status" is a noun with Chinese characteristics. For students, if they want to participate in the middle and high school entrance examinations in the future, they must have a student status. But if the child wants to apply for a foreign school in the future, for the time being, there is no need to provide Chinese student status.

In addition, some media have claimed that they have "international student status". study in Hong Kong I am sure to tell you that there is no such thing as "international student status".

Question 3: Do all international schools have student status?

No! Not all international schools have student status. Whether a school has a student status, and whether it can enroll your child, requires parents to consult the target school in advance. Different parents may get different answers. (Note: The "international school" referred to in this article refers to the "international curriculum school" or "bilingual school" that accepts Chinese children in private schools.)

Question 4: Can every child collect information?

No! In Beijing, children of non-Beijing nationality need to meet the requirements of the "Four Certificates". Only eligible children can collect information. If the conditions of the "Four Certificates" are not met, non-Beijing children will not be able to collect information in Beijing, and will not be able to obtain school status in Beijing.

to sum up

In early May of each year, the Beijing Municipal Education Commission will begin to collect information. After passing the collection, the child is granted a "student status".

For parents who want to send their children to an international school, top universities in hong kong the most direct role of school status is "in the future, in the future, if you want to go back and take the entrance examination for middle school and college entrance examinations. In addition, there is also a role that schools that can provide school status are considered to have the qualifications for running schools approved by the education authority, which can be understood as a "certification mark".