Things to do in Melbourne - 必去旅游景点知性之旅 2019

Hello all, so in this week's episode, I'm bringing you to explore top free things to do in Melbourne. So, let begin!其實這裏其實這裏有很多不一樣的公園 There are various types of gardens here in Melbourne就有Carton Gardens, Fitzroy Gardens 還有很多很多種的 Gardens There are Carlton Gardens, Fitzroy gardens..
There are many gardens out there它的 Garden 都是很大很大然後它的花花草草都很美的 The gardens here are huge and really beautiful現在就去看吧! Let's go!這個Fitzroy Gardens 是其中一個旅遊景點 Fitztroy Gardens is one of the most famous spot for travellers就是很多遊客來的時候他們也會來這兒 Travellers will definitely come no matter what如果他們不是來這兒的話他們應該回去 Carlton Gardens If they are not here, they will go to Carlton Gardens instead也是其中一個旅遊景點的 Garden It is also one of the Gardens here現在我就到了 Lost and Found Market I've arrived Lost and Found Market它是超 vintage 的 然後它有賣很多東西, 有賣衣服,有賣furniture, 然後包包也有 It is a vintage market that sells everything you will never think of然後現在就帶你們去走吧! Lets begin our tour!